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Veiverne Yuen

Founding Partner, Blauwpark Partners


Veiverne is one of the Founding Partners of Blauwpark Partners. He has extensive experience in institutional Asset Management, particularly in relation to alternative assets. He also has a deep understanding of the nuts and bolts of asset management including a strong regard for good governance and compliance, having begun his career in financial services and investment management in 2005 with the Monetary Authority of Singapore as a regulator, focusing on fund management and other capital market intermediaries. Subsequently, Veiverne joined Rabobank in 2007, where he led M&A and advisory transactions for clients from both Asia and Europe. Among the Asian clients he served, a number were large family-owned businesses and Veiverne gained not only an understanding of the mergers and acquisitions space, but also the intricacies that allowed these families and their businesses to be persistently successful across generations. During this time, Veiverne also championed ESG early initiatives in Asia and represented Rabobank as a member on the inaugural Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). In 2010, Veiverne’s joined GIC. In addition to leading investment selection and due diligence for alternative fund investments and direct investments, Veiverne was also responsible for helping to determine the strategic asset allocation, portfolio construction and managing capital budgeting for the PE, VC and infrastructure portfolio. He also oversaw regular reporting to the Board and the client for these asset classes. Veiverne brings a practitioner’s insight to the implementation of endowment style models to manage long term pools of capital seeking meaningful capital appreciation over the long term. More recently, Veiverne was a co-founder of tryb Group, a principal investment firm focused on financial services and financial technology investments in Southeast Asia. He holds a MSc in Applied Finance from the Singapore Management University and a MEng in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Bristol.

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