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SSV Capital Plc is a disruptive, multi-class asset manager headquartered in London’s financial district, Canary Wharf. The company aims to build a better tomorrow, not only for its clients, by significantly building up the value of their assets, but for the world in general, by adopting a sustainable and ethical approach in everything it does, following a triple ‘P’ guideline of People, Planet, and Prosperity. To achieve this objective, the company seeks to maximize the positive impact of investments by executing a robust strategy and abiding by a responsible and ethically sound investment policy wherever possible. It is also a holding company of SSV SmartPay and SSV Real-estate. SSV funds is a SPV of SSV Capital Plc. So, the company diversify into banking Fintech, Proptech real estate and Funds.
SSV SmartPay is a unique solution that allows shoppers to make payments, and businesses and charities to receive payments, using a unique QR payment solution, both in-store and online. Payments are more secure and cheaper, enabling businesses to save up to 70% of their current transaction costs with a settlement on T+1 basis.
SSV Real Estate specializes in commercial real estate ventures that leverage value-added opportunities through innovative proptech solutions. We are currently focusing our efforts on projects in the UK and India, with plans to expand into Australia and America in the future.
SSV Funds – SSV funds is launching £50m investment fund in a Luxembourg (AIFM) on an LPGP Model. It is a 5+1+1-year fund with an expected 15% return year on year. Investment will be diversified in Fintech and Proptech commercial real estate based companies with SSV Capital Partners as investment manager sitting on the board with the GP as the advisory.

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